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The European Youth Event (EYE) will take place in the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg from 20-21 May 2016. It is a unique opportunity for thousands of young Europeans to make their voices heard.

During the event, they will exchange ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, develop innovative solutions to crucial questions for the future and meet with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience.

At the same time the EYE will provide an opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity within the European Union through the staging of various artistic performances and spectacles.

As follow-up, a report with the ideas discussed during the event will be made available to all Members of the European Parliament. As well, former EYE participants will have the opportunity to present the most concrete ideas produced by young people to a number of parliamentary committees and receive feedbacks from Members.


Moving Forward Together Conference 2016 Celebrating Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Diversity & Culture–theology/faculty-of-etrs/our-departments/the-development-team/moving-forward-together.aspx

York St. John University Friday 15th January 2016 9am – 4pm

A further opportunity for community members & professionals to work together to develop effective communication.

Guest Speakers: Richard O’Neill – Independent Consultant & Trainer Lisa Smith – Traveller Education Dr Jo Richardson – De Montfort University Professor Cath Jackson – University of York Also featuring: The Premiere of ‘Moving Forward Together’, a film commissioned by the Trust which highlights the lives and issues of the local Gypsy & Traveller community.


British Values and the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Child

NATT+ Conference 2016

11th march 2016: Aston University, Birmingham

For latest details please visit:

NATT+ are pleased to announce the 2016 Conference.

  • What do British Values mean for minority groups such as Gypsy Roma and Traveller children?
  • What more can be done to ensure that Gypsy Roma and Traveller children contribute to the life of the school and community?
  • Do practitioners and pupils know enough about Gypsy Roma Traveller culture and heritage to give it the respect it deserves?

Please download an application form below. It has details of costs and available discounts. There is also a flyer. Please forward this to anyone who you think might be interesting in attending the conference.

Speakers confirmed include:

  • Richard O’Neill – Romani Storyteller and Trainer
  • The Traveller Movement
  • Open Society Foundations-Romani Early Years Network (REYN)
  • And a performance by Sam Lee, Musician, Mercury Music Prize Nominee and founder of  Song Collectors’ Collective, an organisation dedicated to campaigning for positive recognition of the Gypsy and Traveller culture.

Keep checking this page for more details.



edited by Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Esteban Acuña C. and Piotr Trojański; Libron (2015).

On August the 2nd of 2014 ternYpe International Roma Youth Network gathered over 1,000 young Roma and non-Roma from 25 countries to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Roma Holocaust. The event – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative “Dikh he na bister” (Look and don’t forget) – was the biggest commemorative event of the Roma Holocaust in history. Never before had so many people gathered in one place to reflect on collectively shared history and discuss its importance for Roma people today.
For years, the horrors experienced by Roma people during the World War II were referred to as the “forgotten Holocaust”. Indeed, for decades it was. In recent years, however, the plight for Roma Genocide recognition and remembrance has gained an unprecedented momentum, gradually becoming a better-known and widely accepted historical fact. A number of interdependent and parallel developments contributed to this process in three different spheres of social practice and discourse: scholarship, commemoration practices and Roma mobilization.
In order to critically reflect on these developments an expert conference was organized in the framework of the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2014 “Dikh he na bister”, organized by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network in partnership with the Pedagogical University of Cracow. Throughout the event, the youth – as scholars, educators, multipliers and activists – were at the heart of the discussions, recognizing the strength and potential of youth agency.
The book “Education for Remembrance of the Roma Genocide: Scholarship, Commemoration and the Role of Youth” is a result of this exchange. However, rather than a report from the conference, this volume – conceived as interdisciplinary, cross-institutional and inter-generational – aims at reflecting on current developments regarding the Roma Holocaust remembrance and provides basis for further discussion. The heterogeneity of voices included in this volume reflects richness of perspectives, experiences and points of view. We invited to contribute to this book Roma and non-Roma scholars of various disciplines, senior and youth Roma activists, organizations and institutions, and, most importantly, Roma Holocaust survivors. The articles included in this book have diverse formats – scholarly articles, manifests, personal testimonies, speeches and an interview. Our aim is to provide an inclusive space which uplifts non-academic knowledge to ranks of equal importance with academic discourse. Many of those, beyond providing unique perspectives, can be treated as primary sources for further research.
Through this book, we acknowledge the intersecting fields of scholarship, institutional engagement and youth movements, which reinforce each other, and collectively contribute to Roma Genocide education. Our aim is to stimulate further discussion across different fields of engagement and disciplines, and among the variety of actors involved in Roma Holocaust commemoration and education. We hope that this book will contribute to raising awareness about the Roma Genocide, and will become an additional tool in fighting Anti-Gypsyism today.
You can download the book here:
*** The book was financed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission.
*** The book will be launched officially on 20th of November at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, from 16:30 – 18:30, in the framework of “Jaw siun – Cyclical Meetings about Roma at the Pedagogical University in Cracow” organized in partnership with the ternYpe International Roma Youth Network.

International Centre for Intercultural Studies (ICIS) Seminar,HqZMmzzyKdVVORYNGcWuvI4UjmV4RVIHwlwxiSDoRAo

free participation

24 November 2015, 17:30 to 19:30

Room 828, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way WC1H 0AL


You are warmly invited to Roma Into Life Learning – International Centre for Intercultural Studies (ICIS) seminar. It will highlight key outcomes from the EC Roma Learning Leaders project, which was concerned with the Life Long Learning opportunities for the Roma Communities in six European countries.

There will also be a Keynote address about  the importance of research and education for through and about Roma and Traveller Communities.

This seminar will offer a space to exchange ideas and experience about the many issues Roma and Traveller communities continue to face and consider appropriate pathways for intervention.

The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Kate D’Arcy from the University of Bedfordshire, author of “Travellers and Home Education: Safe Spaces and Inequality” (2014) and writer and researcher on matters concerning Roma, Gypsy and Travellers.

We look forward to welcoming you and your participation in our discussions.

Please RVSP to Robert Ferguson.

Find out more about Roma Learning Leaders.

For further information please contact Robert Ferguson :

Turn Sideways in the Wind: Ciara Leeming exhibition

Turn Sideways in the Wind: Ciara Leeming exhibition

Over the past decade, Britain has become home to sizable communities of Romani people from central and Eastern Europe.

Turn Sideways in the Wind tells the stories of young Roma adults who have made their lives in Salford and Manchester, in their own words. With documentary photography by Ciara Leeming.

Date: Saturday 12 December 2015 to Saturday 6 February 2016

Price: free


Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Peel Park, Crescent, Salford M5 4WU

Phone number: 0161 778 0800


Opening times: Monday closed, Tuesday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.45pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12.00pm to 4.00pm

Email address:

Identity, Inclusion and Diversity youth work in our communities

Free training course

from 18th January until 26th January, 2016 in Novi Sad, Serbia

The training course will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia in January 2016. We hereby kindly ask you to recruit participants from your organizations that will be able to participate at the training course and give back their knowledge and skills in the topics of the training course.

The training course will take place in Serbia (Novi Sad) from 18th January (arrival in the afternoon) to 26th January (departure in the morning after the breakfast) 2016.

About the training course

This 8 days long training course “Identity, Inclusion and Diversity youth work in our communities” will be organised in the youth hostel in Novi Sad, from 18th till 26th January 2016. Project will gather 31 participants, trainers and staff from 16 organisations/countries (Serbia, Portugal, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Malta, Croatia, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Estonia, Albania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

During our youth work and cooperation as partners, we have noticed a lack of young qualified and willing leaders of projects for better intercultural acceptance and inclusion in our multi-ethnic communities. This project targets active youth workers / leaders (from different cultural, social, historical, religious and economic backgrounds) who will further take action in field of social inclusion and cultural diversity, whether through new initiatives or enhanced activities, and will increase opportunity for ALL to access and participate in youth work and youth projects.


  • Sharing experience – realities and activities – regarding inclusion and diversity in our communities and countries
  • Understanding different aspects of youth work and inclusion/diversity
  • Exploring concepts of identity and its development as starting point to understanding inclusion/diversity around us
  • Increasing empathy with different aspects of discrimination/exclusion and discussing how to deal with challenging situations
  • Exploring existing policies on Fundamental Rights in Europe and understanding their connection and implications to youth work for inclusion/diversity
  • Sharing youth work tools/methods for achieving greater inclusion in our communities
  • Developing strategies for local and European (level) activities of youth work for promotion of inclusion/diversity
  • Presenting useful EU and CoE resources and funding programmes to encourage European cooperation among partners for inclusion (projects which will focus on organizing youth exchanges which will include second generation immigrant youngsters and youth from other cultural minorities according to the realities and needs in our local communities)

The training course is based on the approach and principles of non-formal education and will use a lot of insights from the SALTO booklets, EU policy documents and T-kits of the Partnership programme of EU and CoE. The course is designed as an open learning process based on participants’ experience and exchange. A combination of different creative, participatory and interactive methods will be used and designed upon the profile of participants.

The language of the training course will be English.

 The participants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Age above 18
  • To be active youth workers / leaders and are willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received on this training course.
  • Willing to take action in the field of social inclusion and cultural diversity, whether through new initiatives or enhanced activities
  • Willing to share the new knowledge with the members of his/her organization once he/she gets back
  • Able to work in English
  • Able to attend the entire duration of the course

Travel and visa costs reimbursement

Travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest way of transport and preferably for the return tickets. You will be reimbursed with at least of 70% of your travel costs (for all the original tickets and ways of travel that are plane, bus, train or ferry, NOT taxi and NOT car). There is a possibility that you will be reimbursed in higher percentage but it depends on how much will other participants spend on their tickets.

Participants must keep all travel documents (tickets, travel agency invoices and boarding passes) as organizers are able to make any reimbursement only on the bases of presented documents!

The travel reimbursement will be done by bank transfers after you return home and send us the ORIGINAL boarding passes and tickets (and also after you fill in / submit / send us the evaluation forms from of the training course). When you are buying a ticket, ask for additional bill as well, if possible!

Please don’t buy your tickets before we approve them! When you will plan your trip and BEFORE buying your tickets, especially if your planned travel itineraries are different than 18th – 26th January, please inform us in advance, so we can approve your tickets and travel costs. Also, if you travel from elsewhere than your town and country, please, inform us, so we need to approve it as well. Thanks a lot in advance!

When planning your trip have in mind that there are some cheap flights to Belgrade airport, but you can also travel to Budapest airport as well, and from there take a minibus or train to Novi Sad.

We expect participants to arrive to the hostel in Novi Sad no later than 19:30 hrs on 18th January 2016, so please do plan your flights accordingly.

For additional information, please be free to contact organizers. Like that we will avoid some uncomfortable situations in advance.

Participation fee:   NONE!

All accommodation and food costs in the hostel are covered by the organizers.


To apply, please fill in the application form on THIS LINK. Please note that the deadline for applications is 5th November 2015.

Selected participants will receive the detailed info-sheet till 15th November 2015.


Pavle Jevđić;

Mobile phone: +381 65 818 1454

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